Using MS Dynamics for Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance requirements are very different now than they were 10 years ago. Actually they are different than they were five, or even three years ago. If you had to predict what new compliance standards and regulations will come into existence in another five years, how much confidence would you have in your prediction? Whatever that prediction may be, one thing is certain: change is coming! Regulatory compliance continues to evolve as globalization, public awareness, and government interaction increases.

Compliance Resources

More Tracking Processes

The way you used to do things may still work, but thanks to regulatory compliance standards you need more tracking processes surrounding them so that you can prove that “you do what you say you do.” Similarly, you ask your vendors to track and provide you with more information than you did previously. There are benefits to this demand for more tracking data: products are safer, stronger, last longer, and have less contamination.
Regulatory compliance & tracking with MS Dynamics
But you need a system in place to keep track of your quality management and regulatory compliance program, and be able to quickly create reports from it. Companies in the food industry must be able to perform a mock recall within four hours. Companies in the safety product industry must be able to track all their products and report back on every step of the process, from conception to destruction – full product life cycle management.

Old and New

Compliance has become more rigorous and you need a system that can handle all your old processes, as well as any new ones that are initiated. Microsoft Dynamics can manage all the regulatory compliance and tracking basics you need, such as accounting, inventory, production, sales, and purchasing. It also extends to give you quality management and has extensive reporting capabilities to provide specific information required by customers, regulatory agencies, and your own internal reports.

Microsoft is a conscientious software developer, and has designed Microsoft Dynamics so you can comply with existing and future regulations in a way that minimally disrupts your operational processes. With Microsoft Dynamics you do not have to add on an additional system to meet regulations – it is simply part of your core system.