Reporting & Forecasting with Microsoft Dynamics

When your business was smaller, you knew a lot more of what was going on. It didn’t matter whether it was about accounting, sales, HR – you just knew the status quo.

As time went by, your business grew. It became harder to know the big picture, let alone all the small details. And if you have a hard time managing where you are now, it makes forecasting where you need to be much more difficult.

See Dynamics Nav Reporting in Action

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Reporting
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The Right Time for Microsoft Dynamics

To move your business from A to B, you need to have the right information to navigate. Microsoft Dynamics collects, processes, and reports the right data in a real-time manner to authorized individuals. It has multiple and extensive reporting capabilities. Integration with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word gives you the ability to copy and paste information with the click of a button – literally.

Forecasting can be based on external data or historical data of previous time periods. Business Intelligence dashboards are available for management to see trends, and the RoleTailored-Client interface gives each member of the company the information they need to perform their daily functions right on their desktop — no need to wade through complex software systems to find the information you need.